eufy launches new smart cameras with AI cross-tracking and improved security

New eufy Dual Camera Series features video doorbells and indoor and outdoor cameras

eufy Dual Camera Series
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Smart home security brand, eufy has just launched a new product line, called the Dual Camera Series. The first portfolio of dual camera devices from eufy, the collection is comprised of four new products designed to monitor and protect your home, with improved AI, clear camera quality and better security notifications.

eufy is best known for its range of smart home security, including security cameras and video doorbells, as well as smart cleaning products like the best robot vacuum cleaners. Its new Dual Camera series is the world’s first home surveillance mesh powered by local AI, and is featured packed with enhanced surveillance capabilities. Oh, and it’s incredibly affordable, too.

The main advancements to the Dual Camera series is its AI detection. All four devices in the line-up (the SoloCam, the IndoorCam, the Floodlight Cam and the Video Doorbell) have cross-camera tracking, meaning if you have multiple cameras, the devices use AI facial recognition to identify the same person or animal across multiple cameras.

This new feature means the cameras can seamlessly track people and events across all devices, so there’s no interruptions or confusion with what each camera is tracking. For people who hate being bothered by app notifications, the new eufy Dual Camera series will only send you one notification rather than multiple and deliver a single auto-edited video, making your update more condensed, convenient and easier to view.

So, what’s in the new Dual Camera series? The first is the SoloCam S340, an outdoor dual camera that’s wire-free and solar powered. The SoloCam S340 has 3K camera resolution for clear views at both day and night and a wide-angle lens with 360-degree AI tracking and auto zoom features. The enhanced camera angle and clarity from the SoloCam S340 means there’s no blind spots and constant surveillance to protect your home. The pan and tilt camera also comes with a 2.2W adjustable and removable solar panel, and is priced at £179.99.

The second addition to the Dual Camera series is the Indoor Cam S350 (£129.99). My personal favourite, the Indoor Cam S50 provides indoor monitoring and protection, and its petite size and unique design makes it look like if Wall.E and Eve had a baby! Other than its cute looks, the Indoor Cam S50 has 4K maximum resolution for both recordings and live streams, and uses wide angle and telephoto lens to zoom in up to 8x. It enhances all the details you want to see and has a 10m sound pick up.

The next device and another outdoor camera model is the Floodlight Cam E340 (£219.99). This 3K dual camera (which offers 24/7 recording) has 360-degree horizontal and 60-degree vertical field of view, and a built-in floodlight to better illuminate your vision in the dark. Its two spotlights have up to 2000 lumens and can be moved to better light up certain parts of your property.

Finally, the fourth product in the Dual Camera series is the Video Doorbell E340 (£159.99). When someone rings the bell, the Video Doorbell E340 shows you who’s there with its 160-degree angle, 2K camera resolution and colour night vision. It has a second 1080p camera for AI detection and has been designed to have no bottom blind zone, so you can see what’s on your doorstep for better package and parcel protection.

As stated by eufy’s General Manager, Frank Zhu, the new Dual Camera series “devices seamlessly integrate superior camera optics with advanced AI, effectively eliminating blind spots and significantly reducing notification frequency. Integrating this technology across our complete range of indoor and outdoor devices empowers consumers to monitor and protect every aspect of their property."

The eufy Dual Camera series is available to buy today, with prices starting from as little as £129.99.

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