eufy launch world's first robot vac with superior suction and roller brush technology, the X8 pro

It's a upgraded version of eufy's 2021 X8 Hybrid robot vacuum cleaner

eufy Clean X8 Pro with Self-Empty Station
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eufy, a leading smart home appliance brand, made industry news yesterday after announcing the official launch of its new deep cleaning robotic vacuum, the X8 Pro. From laser-guided robotic vacuum cleaners to some of the best smart security devices, eufy is focused on building easy-to-use smart home devices and appliances designed to enhance people's lives. The brand currently holds the first spot in our best security cameras guide and the fifth spot in our best robot vacuum cleaner guide. 

This latest robot vacuum cleaner from eufy Clean is an upgraded version of the brand's 2021 X8 Hybrid, specifically designed for pet owners. It now boasts technological features that provide users with an effortless, deep cleaning experience. In the same launch, eufy also announced four new smart cameras with AI cross-tracking and improved security, again adding some serious competitors to the market. 

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Eufy X8 Pro: Price and availability 

The eufy Clean X8 Pro with Self-Empty Station is available for purchase from September 26th for $649.99 on Amazon and eufy's website in the US, £599 on Amazon and eufy's website in the UK, and €599.99 EUR on Amazon and eufy's website in Germany and Europe. If you happen to be in Australia, the X8 Pro SES will set you back AU$999 and can be purchased from Eufy's AU site and will likely also be available on Amazon AU as well.

Eufy X8 Pro: Features

Deep Cleaning System

The Eufy Clean X8 Pro robotic vacuum is equipped with an advanced deep cleaning system, featuring Twin-Turbine suction technology and an innovative Active Detangling roller brush. It is specifically engineered to provide thorough cleaning on all types of flooring, with a special focus on carpets. This makes it an excellent choice for pet owners, as it effectively picks up pet hair and dander, ensuring a clean and allergen-free environment.

Twin-Turbine Technology

Featuring a powerful twin turbine system, the X8 Pro's enhanced 2 x 4,000 Pa suction power offers almost double the suction power of its predecessor, the X8 Hybrid. This extra power makes it capable of extracting hair embedded deep within carpets after just one pass.

Active Detangling Roller Brush

Say goodbye to having to detangle hair from the rollerbrush. Boasting a 99.7% pet hair detangle rate, the X8 Pro's V-shaped roller brush with high density bristles greatly reduces the amount of hair that gets wound around it during cleaning. When the X8 Pro returns to its base, it self-cleans with patent-pending anti-tangling technology, ensuring no hair gets stuck, and it is ready for the next cleaning session.

Self-Empty Station

The X8 Pro features a self-empty station that efficiently traps 99.9% of dust and debris, significantly reducing dust exposure. Its impressive 2.5L capacity, combined with a bacteriostatic dust bag, allows for the safe storage of dust and debris for up to 45 days. Additionally, it offers a customisable empty frequency setting, enabling users to adjust their experience according to their individual preferences.

iPath Laser Navigation

With iPath Laser Navigation, the X8 Pro generates accurate maps for efficient cleaning, even in areas with low lighting. It reaches every corner of the home, including challenging areas such as between chair legs, beneath sofas, and around pet bowls.

What else was included in eufy's launch?

As well as the four new smart cameras with AI cross-tracking and improved security, it was also announced yesterday that there were a series of upgrades to the recently launched eufy X9 Pro. These included features such as:

Edge-Hugging Deep Mopping

This enabled the Robovac to execute a swing motion and expand its cleaning reach. It is designed to meticulously clean the edges of the room and effectively eliminate dirt from hard-to-reach gaps.

Water Level Detection 

This keeps user informed about the water tank's status with a newly added watertank demonstration icon on eufy Clean App. If the water level is not enough to complete a mopping task, a reminder will be sent to the user for replenishing the water to ensure uninterrupted cleaning.

Smart No-Go Zones 

The user will receive a no-go zone recommendation if the robovac gets stuck in a certain place several times or tentatively have risks of falling, and the app will recommend setting this specific area as No-go Zone.

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