ESET Multi Device delivers you the power to protect all your most valuable tech

The ultimate security package to protect your computer, tablet and smartphone

There's no getting away from the fact that now, more than ever, it is essential to keep your personal data safe and secure.

The problem is though, with that data increasingly spread across and accessible from a myriad of devices, it is not only the traditional home desktop you need to protect.

Keeping your smartphone and tablet shielded from malware, spyware and viruses is now more important than ever as these devices have unprecedented access to your private data.

Each piece of hardware usually runs a different OS, with its own selection of apps and - crucially - security holes. Of course, there are things you can do to combat data leaks, such as regularly updating passwords, backing up documents and ensuring you are making the most of on-device authentication.

“That's where the ESET Multi Device Security Pack becomes essential”

However, these tips cannot stop you being attacked while the device is in use, specifically while browsing the Internet or, more prominently, engaging on social media platforms.

That's where the ESET Multi Device Security Pack becomes essential. It's a one-stop security solution for all your devices. It doesn't matter what hardware you've got in your armoury, ESET protects them all.

The reason for this is that not only has ESET got all platforms covered in terms of protection - with Windows, Linux and Android locked down - but they also allow you to build a bespoke package dependent entirely on what devices you have.

Anything from two to five devices can be protected, with device type and platform mix and matchable. So if you have a Windows laptop and smartphone but an Android tablet, then you can cover them all with just one security package. Equally, if you run a Linux desktop, a Windows laptop and an Android smartphone, then again you can protect them all with the exact same package.

It's one security package that protects all your devices.

And while we're talking protection, that means your devices are now covered by what can only be described as an insane set of security features. These include, but are in no way limited to, antivirus, antispyware, anti-phishing, anti-theft, antispam, exploit blocker, social media scanner, live app scanning, SIM Guard, device monitoring, remote wipe, remote siren, system remote lock, apps audit and SMS and call filter.

“It doesn't matter what hardware you've got in your armoury, ESET protects them all”

Here at T3 Towers we honestly haven't seen such a comprehensive, feature-laden security package before. And we certainly haven't seen one that covers so many devices.

And, what's probably best of all, is that the price of the ESET Multi Device Security Pack varies totally dependent on how many devices you want to protect. If you only need to protect a brace of devices then you pay less than if you want to protect four for example.

So, to protect all your devices with just one, super high tech security package, then we recommend you check out the ESET Multi Device Security Pack forthwith.

For more information about ESET, the Multi Device Security Pack, as well as ESET security for Mac, then check out the official website.