Elevate your indoor runs with Technogym Myrun treadmill

Treadmill and app living in perfect harmony

Technogym Myrun running machine treadmill
(Image credit: Technogym)

In the age of smart devices, it is not easy to offer something uniquely smart and different, especially in the fitness sector. Now, even the smallest of gadgets come with some level of smart functionality, whether it's sleep tracking, contactless payment options or something else.

More often than not, these options feel forced, just an afterthought, something manufacturers have to do because others are doing it.

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What if there was a fitness machine that actually made the most of connecting with an app? What if an app wasn't just a second thought, but something that was designed alongside the machine itself?

Enter the Technogym Myrun treadmill: this running machine was designed alongside the Myrun app and they actually complement each other perfectly.

Technogym Myrun treadmill

(Image credit: Technogym)

Why is the Technogym Myrun a unique treadmill?

When you first take a look at the Myrun treadmill, you instantly understand why it won so many design awards. The compact form factor and sleek design make it an object of desire and something you might display in your home even if you wouldn't want to actually run on it.

But of course, you will want to run on it. The Technogym Myrun will make the decision whether you want to run or not for you; the wake up sensor detects when you step on the running machine and starts it up automatically.

Once you're on the treadmill, that's when things really start to make sense. The Myrun might be a smaller machine but it delivers a big running experience. The 'Running Music' feature, for example, will choose music from your playlists that are best suited for the rhythm of your run. Even more impressive, the 'Myrunning Logbook' function will recreate your outdoor running experiences indoors, using the Myrun app.

Not only that, but the Myrun is also compatible with the Zwift app. Zwift is an app that makes indoor training as fun as the outdoor variety, bringing together like-minded people (through the app) to train and compete against each other.

Technogym Myrun treadmill running machine

(Image credit: Technogym)

It's no surprise that the Technogym Myrun made it to the top of the best treadmill list here at T3. Apart from it being a smart treadmill, it is also a very functional one too.

The Myrun can be set up in in no time thanks to the unique packaging design; get it out of the box and do your first run in five minutes. The Myrun can also extend its running surface up to a 12 percent incline and if you ever ran on such a steep slope, you know that it is a challenging angle to run up.

The Technogym Myrun is not a cheap treadmill but it is worth every penny. Invest in your health and future and check out the best prices for the Myrun below.

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