Electric shaver deal cuts £300 off the 5-star Braun Series 9 at Amazon

Get the 5-star Braun Series 9 electric shaver for just £199.99 in the Amazon Spring sale

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The spring and Easter sales are pulling out all the stops this year, with top deals on TVs, air fryers, laptops, vacuum cleaners and electric shavers. From Currys, Amazon and more, we’ve been seeing some amazing beauty tech deals, including discounts on straighteners, razors, hair dryers and electric shavers.

One of the best electric shavers in the game has been given a huge discount in the spring sales. The 5-star rated Braun Series 9 is now just £199.99, saving shoppers a massive £300 on this precise and premium electric shaver.

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The Braun Series 9 is arguably the best of the best when it comes to shaving but its high price tag tends to put people off buying it. However, the intelligent hair length sensor, automatic cleaning station and long battery life is what earned this electric shaver 5 stars in our Braun Series 9 review – and this £300 (60%) price cut is not to be missed.

If you need a new electric shaver or you’re looking for a birthday or anniversary gift, the Braun Series 9 is a great choice. It’s regarded as one of the world’s most efficient electric shavers and we really can’t fault it in terms of performance, power and close yet gentle results.

To view the Braun Series 9 deal, click the link above or keep reading for more Braun deals to take advantage of now.

Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver: was £499.99, now £199.99 at Amazon

Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver: was £499.99, now £199.99 at Amazon
The Braun Series 9 electric shaver uses a four blade foil shaving head to tackle long hairs and deliver a close shave. It features five synchronised shaving elements, smart adaption to hair length and sonic vibrations for maximum results and skin comfort. You can use the Braun Series 9 for both wet and dry shaves, and it comes with the Clean&Charge station which cleans, dries and charges your shaver.

While we’re not going to deny that the Braun Series 9 is an expensive model, it’s rare to find a deal this big and it’s definitely worth the money you’ll spend on this electric shaver. If you’re looking for something less pricey or for a different shaving model, the Braun Series 7 is also discounted at Amazon today. Originally priced at £329.98, the Braun Series 7 is 55% off which takes the price down to £149.99.

The Braun Series 7 also has a place in our best electric shavers guide and delivers a close and quick shave with its 360-degree flex head. In our Braun Series 7 review, we were impressed by its range of features, including wet and dry shaving, battery life and multiple accessories. While it’s an older generation of Braun electric shavers, the Braun Series 7 is still a top-notch device that’s versatile and gets the job done.

Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver: was £329.98, now £149.99 at Amazon

Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver: was £329.98, now £149.99 at Amazon
The Braun Series 7 features three synchronised shaving elements and AutoSense technology that adapts to hair length and density. What makes it so attractive is the 360-degree flex head which delivers close, quick and professional results. The Braun Series 7 comes with a precision beard trimmer attachment and the SmartCare centre.

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