EE's Game Day is full of next-level offers for gamers - and a treasure hunt!

This isn't a game, it's Game Day

EE Game Day
(Image credit: EE)

We're in silly season now for gaming, and EE has kindly decided to one up the flood of top-drawer releases with its own EE Game Day event, featuring sales, live streams and, get this, a real-life treasure hunt across the UK.

Starting today, UK residents can tune into Twitch streams from some of the biggest streamers in the country to help their favourite solve the mystery and find the ultimate gaming treasure. Those watching at home don't need to worry about just making their favourite influencers happy as EE has in fact spread gaming treasure chests full of goodies around the country, with viewers looking to claim prizes for themselves. 

Of course, even if you don't have a nose for treasure, there are plenty of great gaming deals at EE right now with up to 25% off on all gaming gear at EE. 

When is EE Game Day?

Much like Black Friday isn't consigned to a single friday, EE Game Day is in fact running for longer than a day. The treasure hunt and sale starts at 11 AM on November 5th and runs until the 7th of November.  

What prizes are up for grabs?

There's plenty to be won whether you're tuning into Twitch or hunting for treasure in the real world. 

Follow the Twitch broadcast for giveaways and competitions or get out and search for the Game Day Chests, which contain anything from EE discounts and games to accessories and even consoles. There are also 13,000 10% off vouchers for the EE store to be given out at treasure locations while one lucky hunter will find a golden ticket worth £3000 of EE goodies

Remember though that you won't be able to access an EE chest without the right password, which you'll need to tune in to Twitch to discover, so get playing! 

Andy Sansom
Staff Writer

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