EE announces lower 4G tariffs prices, with more data

Network responds to criticisms over high prices

Despite EE offering superfast mobile internet, some consumers have been puzzled by the high-prices associated with reasonably low data allowances

Mobile network operator EE has revised its mobile phone tariff prices and increased data allowances, following complaints regarding its high prices and small data allowance for its high-speed 4G network.

However, the telecommunications company, which runs network providers T-Mobile and Orange, has yet to introduce an unlimited data deal, which people had hoped for.

EE now offers a basic 4G service at a reduced £31 a month on a 24-month contract, or £41 for a 12-month contract, which includes unlimited calls and texts, and a 500MB data allowance. Customers will also be able to choose from a range of 4G compatible mobile handsets for a one-off discounted price.

In addition to the basic 4G service, EE have now introduced a new 'super-users' price plan which provides the customer with 20GB of mobile data, 12GB more than their current largest available price plan.

This special price plan also includes unlimited calls and texts, and will cost £46 for a 12-month SIM-only contract or £61 for a 24-month contract with a latest 4G handset included.

However, the current 'super-users' tariff prices are only introductory, and will be increased by £15 from March 1st, with the 12-month SIM-only contract increasing to £61, and the handset-included 24-month contract rising to £76.

EE is also introducing a new SIM-only, 12-month price plan for £41 which offers 8GB of data allowance.

Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer at EE, said: “It's our aim to offer consumers the most comprehensive range of 4GEE price plans. With these new options we're looking to not only make 4G smartphones even more accessible, but offer even greater value for the small number of super-users out there - ensuring EE really does offer a package that's tailored for all customers 4G needs.”

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