Echo Show 15 is Amazon's largest ever wall-mounted smart display

The Echo Show 15 is 15.6-inches of wall-hangable wonder

Amazon Echo Show 15
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon’s September event continues to unfurl with lots of new products, including one of the (literal) biggest headliners of the show in the Echo Show 15, a large smart display that you can mount to any wall in your home. 

The Echo Show 15 is larger than life at 15.6-inches, boasting a front-facing camera, microphone, and 1080p HD touchscreen. The camera dons a physical shutter and speakers are present on the side of the device. Though it may sound like just another year and another run-of-the-mill Echo device, this simply isn't the case. Unlike recent years gone by, Amazon has upended the typical Echo model to deliver a wholly different design – and it looks to be the biggest and best of them yet.

The new Echo 15 is Amazon's largest Echo with a screen to date and is clearly more premium than some of the other best smart speakers. What you get for this new screen real estate is more space to display widgets for calendars, shopping tick-lists, to-do lists, amongst many other capabilities that keep you on top of your day. 

Amazon's new 15.6-inch screen will come in handy for those wanting to glance at shows while moving around their house. The natively supported picture-in-picture mode lets the ultra-sleek wall-mountable TV stream your favorite boxset-bingeing services, like Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu, with support for Sling TV soon to be added. And when you're not checking your to-do lists on the redesigned screen, the Echo 15 can display art like, say, your holiday snaps or family photos you may want to share.


(Image credit: Amazon)

The gadget's innards have improves over the last year, as well. While the Echo and Echo Dot speakers debuted last year with the AZ1 processor, the Echo Show 15 comes with the AZ2, which gives the Echo Show 15 enhanced computer vision processing capabilities. 

The Echo Show 15 starts at US$250/AU$399. You can also choose to add on optional accessories like under-cabinet mounts and countertop stands, though these will likely come at a significant extra cost. Either way, though, it's an impressive new take on the Echo model and one that's likely to be found increasingly present on customers' walls as people become interested in the product.  

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