Don't buy the Z Flip 4 until you read this – there's a better Samsung Galaxy deal

The older Z Flip is the one to buy if you've been waiting on purchasing the clamshell foldable

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Hot off the back of Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked summer 2022 event – and you can read T3's Unpacked live blog recap here – the Galaxy Z Flip 4, the Korean company's flippable clamshell phone, was revealed. Much excite.

It's a beautiful device, as I highlight in my Z Flip 4 early verdict review, but as I also point out in my Z Flip 4 versus Z Flip 3 comparison feature, there's just not a whole lot to separate these two devices, new from old.  

That why, if you've been waiting in the wings to purchase Samsung's latest clamshell foldable, that I'd suggest considering your options. After all, as you can see from the live price widget below, the Z Fold 3 is available right now for £899 directly from Samsung – a full £100 less than the Z Fold 4's starting price for the same storage volume format.

Should I buy the Z Flip 3?

However, there are plenty of factors that can play into your decision. Not everyone is going to be dropping near to a grand on a brand new phone – at least not outright in one go. Realistically, you'll find plenty of providers offering monthly contracts over a two-year period with data bundles included at a rate that may work out favourable to you, whether you're looking at Flip 4 or the older device instead. And you might find decent trade-in offers.

It'll depend on how keen you are to have the latest and greatest in your pocket too. In summary: the Z Flip 4 doesn't advance the screen sizes over its Z Flip 3 predecessor. The two devices are almost identical by design, save for a sub-millimetre here or there, minor camera tweaks, and a generational processor update. 

But there is one key difference: the Z Fold 4 has a greater than 12 per cent battery capacity increase. Now that could be worth every pound of extra spend to sure up longevity per charge. Speaking of which, there's faster-charging too (25W wired, 15W wireless), further adding to the appeal. 

The choice is yours: save a chunk of cash with the last-gen Z Flip 3 model, or plump for the bigger battery and spend more as a result in buying a Z Flip 4. Both of which are cheaper than a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra anyway, which if you're in the market for a foldable may sound like great value indeed.

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