DJI drops the mic with a new launch that's not a drone

DJI's latest sounds great

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Update: we've tested this out now. To find out what we thought, head straight to our DJI Mic review

Drone specialist DJI has extended its range of non-skybound products with the DJI Mic, a clip-on microphone that can capture audio at long distances and comes with its own charging case. Now available to purchase, the DJI Mic comprises two microphone transmitters and a receiver, and is designed for "shooting a vlog, interviews, or any kind of content creation that requires high-quality audio". 

Perhaps the most interesting feature is that the setup comes with a case that doubles as a charger, à la Airpods and the like, and extends the mic's battery life from five and a half hours to 15 hours. It's compact enough to fit into your pocket, and automatically pairs the system when you open the case. 

DJI is better known for making pretty much all of the best drones around, although it does have its fingers in a few other slightly different pies with things like the DJI Action 2 action cam, launched fall 2021 (and a pretty good GoPro alternative) and the DJI OM 5 gimbal / selfie stick, also from fall 2021. This new addition to the lineup is compatible with both of those, as well as most other smartphones, laptops and cameras thanks to USB-C, Lightning, and 3.5mm TRS interface output options.


(Image credit: DJI)

The DJI Mic comes with two transmitters with built-in microphones, making it possible to record sound from two audio sources at the same time. Each one has 8GB of in-built storage (that's up to 14 hours) and supports backup recording. There's a wireless transmission range of up to 250 metres, using DJI's newest encryption technology (that stat is based on the two being in direct line of sight with no obstructions), and a furry screen to block wind and stop that from ruining your recording, too. You can adjust input and output sensitivity between -12dB ~ 12dB depending on conditions. 

The receiver features a touchscreen from which the user can access key functions such as channel selection and input/output settings.

The DJI Mic is available to purchase now for US $329 / GBP £289 from the DJI Store and authorised retailers. While you can get a basic setup for far cheaper, the ultra-convenient charging case and long transmission range will make this a great option for some buyers. 

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