Drone expert DJI ventures into e-bikes with ultra-light Amflow mountain bike range

From drones to dirt: DJI's new e-bikes make every trail feel like downhill

STRICTLY EMBARGOED UNTIL 3RD JULY 2024, 09:00 CEST/08:00 BST/DJI Launches two new eMTBS under Amflow brand
(Image credit: DJI/Amflow)

Maybe because producing the best drones is not enough of a challenge for the company, DJI started to branch out recently into other categories. After successfully launching the DJI Power portable power stations, the company is back with another exciting announcement: say hello to the Amflow PL eMTB.

Yes, after conquering the skies, DJI is now taking on the trails. Launched under the new Amflow brand, the upcoming electric bike features a lightweight carbon frame (2.27kg) compatible with 27.5” and 29” wheels and a four-bar linkage structure to enhance pedalling efficiency.

The rear shock, co-tuned with off-road expert FOX, filters minor vibrations and prevents bottom-outs during high-speed impacts when traversing uneven terrain.

At the heart of the bike is the also ultra-lightweight DJI Avinox motor with its 850W peak power drive unit capable of producing 105 Nm torque. Thanks to the powerful motor, the Amflow PL offers a smooth, noise-free ride thanks to high-strength polymer gears and advanced DJI algorithms.

The Avinox Drive System boasts multiple riding modes, including Auto mode, which adapts assistance based on road conditions, and Boost mode for an instant power surge of 120 Nm torque and 1000W. There's even a Walk mode for uphill assistance, Auto Hold to prevent rollback, and Hill Start Assist for easy incline starts.

The bike's fast-charging, high-capacity battery weighs just 2.87kg and can charge from 0% to 75% in 1.5 hours with a 12A/508W GaN fast charger. It maintains 80% capacity after 500 cycles, thanks to a robust battery health management system.

A 2” OLED touchscreen integrated into the frame provides real-time data and allows for setup adjustments with a swipe. Bluetooth-enabled Wireless Controllers and the Avinox App offer additional customization, anti-theft mode, and remote locating features.

The Amflow PL series is expected to be available by Q4 2024 and will be sold through authorised dealers in Germany, the UK, and Australia, among others. US availability TBC. For more information, visit Amflow Bikes

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