Disney Plus just got a BIG quality boost in time for Hamilton and Frozen 2

Disney Plus gets a return to its 4K glory days, just in time for Hamilton and Frozen 2 launching

Disney Plus Hamilton Frozen 2
(Image credit: Disney)

Disney Plus has confirmed that its streaming quality restrictions have been lifted and the entire catalogue is available to stream in HD and UHD for UK and Irish audiences, just in time for the debuts of Hamilton and Frozen 2 which launch today.

Disney paid $75 million for the streaming rights to hip hop musical Hamilton, safe in the knowledge that it’s very likely to mark a fast return on investment. Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical has been sold out in theatres around the world wherever it goes, with tickets going for far more than the £5.99 per month cost of Disney Plus. This version, filmed in June 2016, actually stars Miranda in the title role – something that audiences haven’t been able to see in some time, either.

Oh, and if you're wondering how a show with three 'F-bombs' will make it on to family-friendly Disney Plus, Miranda has an answer for you:

Frozen 2, meanwhile, needs little introduction – especially if you’ve ever had ‘Let It Go’ stuck in your head thanks to a small child’s incessant humming. The film grossed a massive $1.32 billion in cinemas around the world, and Disney will be hoping for similar enthusiasm when it hits small screens today. 

Unlike rival services Netflix and Now TV, Disney Plus costs a flat £5.99 per month no matter whether you’re streaming in 720p or 4K, and doesn’t charge extra for HDR or surround sound either. That, along with its compelling catalogue that features every episode of The Simpsons ever made, made it a worthy winner of our ‘2020 best streaming service’ award.