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It’s time to tech your life to another level! T3 Magazine presents the must-have gadgets you need to update your home, fix boring commutes and make your whole world more entertaining in our big feature on the best tech for everything!

And there’s loads more going on, of course – we took affordable electric vehicles out for a road test in our in-depth State of the Art superset, we’ve got a big review of LG’s amazing 2.57mm-thick TV, we review the new generation of Android Wear smartwatches, and we find out how good coffee-making tech is with the help of a three-time UK barista champion.

Oh, we’re not done yet! We test six of the best turntables for the vinyl revolution, we put the latest 4K-capable compact system cameras head-to-head, we take a look at our new favourite laptop ever, we fix your network with Google Wi-Fi, show you how to turn Alexa into a meteorologist, and we turn you into a YouTube star!

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