Diamond battery lasts over 10,000 years and it’s here to save the world

Radioactive diamond batteries could be the answer to using nuclear waste while enhancing battery performance

Your smartphone probably only lasts a day or two at best, right? Imagine a battery that doesn’t drain down to 50 per cent until the same length of time human civilisation has existed? It’s real.

Scientists at Bristol University have shown off the new battery development that not only aims to solve long-term battery issues but to clean up nuclear waste at the same time. 

Since the battery uses nuclear radiation to charge it can help to clear up otherwise dangerous and environmentally damaging nuclear waste. And as it's made from diamond it's safely stored too. Specifically the man-made diamond batteries absorb carbon-14. 

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This graphite block generated material is used to moderate the reaction in nuclear power plants. As such there are over 95,000 tonnes in the UK which will have their radioactivity reduced by charging the batteries.

The catch? At the moment these are low-power solutions only. While they will theoretically last for over 10,000 years they will do so while dishing out power in smaller amounts. That’s not a bad thing though. Imagine devices like pacemakers, satellites or high-altitude drones continuing to power-on without the need to change power source.

It’s still early days and the team behind the development are seeking ideas for other ways the batteries could be used. If you want to get involved make suggestions using #diamondbattery.

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via Bristol University