De’Longhi’s new bean to cup coffee machine is a must for coffee experts

The De’Longhi Rivelia is the coffee machine I need in my kitchen

De’Longhi Rivelia bean to cup coffee machine launch
(Image credit: De’Longhi)

Italian small appliance brand, De’Longhi has just launched the new Rivelia automatic bean to cup coffee machine. This clever new device learns and adapts to your tastes to bring you the best cup of coffee every time… and coffee enthusiasts and aficionados are going to love it.

De’Longhi is well known for its extensive range of coffee makers, including the best bean to cup coffee machine and the best pod coffee machines. The brand has a strong focus on making the best coffee by taking into account the quality of the beans, drink temperature and the right equipment. With this in mind, as well as our ever-evolving taste changes, De’Longhi designed its new Rivelia machine to cater to these factors.

The most impressive feature of the new Rivelia automatic bean to cup coffee machine is its Bean Switch system. The De’Longhi Rivelia comes with two 250g interchangeable hoppers which allows you to quickly and seamlessly change between different bean varieties, strengths and flavours. Additional hoppers can be bought separately so you can switch up your tastes for each person in your household and for guests who come to stay.

The Bean Switch system is definitely something that many people will enjoy. Unlike the Siemens EQ900 which has a dualBean dispenser with two separate containers and grinders, the De’Longhi Rivelia has a more manual process, where you press the Switch mode before removing the entire hopper and grinder and replacing it with a new one.

I think this feature is clever, especially if you like to switch to decaf in the afternoon, although I do wonder how often people will do this if they like to stick to the same beans for every cup. Having said that, the De’Longhi Rivelia has Bean Adapt technology which allows you to tailor your coffee to your exact tastes and preferences.

De'Longhi Rivelia close up

(Image credit: De'Longhi)

As taste buds change as we age, so does the De’Longhi Rivelia. The machine asks a series of questions regarding bean type and roast which the Bean Adapt technology uses to find the ideal extraction for your drink. For each bag or type of bean, the De’Longhi Rivelia will recommend different grind levels and brewing temperatures so you can get the most flavour, texture and strength out of your drink.

In addition to learning your tastes, the De’Longhi Rivelia learns your coffee routines throughout the day. When you go to use the machine in the morning, afternoon or night, the De’Longhi Rivelia learns your patterns and the type of drink you enjoy at that time of day.

Other features of the new De’Longhi Rivelia include LatterCream Hot technology that heats up and foams your milk of choice, including alternative milks. It also has a 3.5-inch full colour display that shows off 16 drink options and fun animations as you pick your drink. The De’Longhi Rivelia is also incredibly easy to use and clean with its one-touch controls, and comes in four neutral colours including Onyx Black, Arctic White, Pebble Grey and Sand Beige.

The De’Longhi Rivelia is now available at De’Longhi and select retailers for £749.99.

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