Siemens new bean to cup coffee machine can make your brew from your phone

Add Wi-Fi to your morning cuppa with the new Siemens EQ900 range

Siemens EQ900 bean to cup coffee machine
(Image credit: Siemens)

Ever woken up in the morning and wished you had a hot cup of coffee waiting for you when you get out of bed? I think all of us have, and with the new Siemens EQ900 bean to cup coffee machine, you can do just that, thanks to its Home Connect App.

Leading home appliance brand Siemens makes some of the best bean to cup coffee machines on the market today. Its latest EQ900 range is designed to elevate your brewing experience and bring barista-style coffee into your home. Combined with cutting-edge technology, smart home features and aroma precision, the new Siemens EQ900 is a fully automatic bean to cup machine that's sure to be a firm favourite with caffeine obsessives.

One of the most impressive features of the Siemens EQ900 is its Home Connect App. It seems like everyone has at least one smart device set-up in their home, with many people investing in whole ecosystems to make their lives more connected and convenient. While coffee machines are slowly but surely joining the party, most of them have to be plugged in via the best smart plugs to unlock these kinds of features.

But with the Siemens Home Connect App, users can simply tap their smartphone, tablet or ask Alexa to start making their coffee. The entire Siemens EQ900 machine can be controlled from the app and when it’s in use, the app will show your coffee settings and your drinks’ progress. All this can also be viewed and customised on the Siemens EQ900 touchscreen display.

Siemens EQ900

(Image credit: Siemens)

With coffee connoisseurs in mind, Siemens has designed its new EQ900 coffee machine to get the most out of your favourite coffee beans. Its dualBean system or dispenser has two separate containers and grinders, which can quickly and easily switch between two different types of beans. Its ceramDrive grinder grinds your beans to an even and precise consistency, and allows the coffee flavours to develop better during the brewing process.

Other notable features include the iAroma system and sensoFlow intelligent heater, both of which work together to deliver the ideal temperature, water flow and grind size for each cup of coffee. The Siemens EQ900’s baristaMode adjusts to your preferences, taking into account coffee strength, temperature, volume, brewing speed and coffee-to-milk ratio.

In addition to being completely customisable and easy to clean, the Siemens EQ900 has 54 coffee and drink varieties to choose from, and the double spout can make two different coffees at the same time. It’s incredibly intelligent and while it’s a pretty chunky and pricey piece of kit, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment for those who love their coffee.

The Siemens EQ900 bean to cup coffee machine is available to buy on the Siemens website and select retailers like Amazon and for £1,799 (although at time of writing, it has £200 off).

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