Deezer just got a game-changing feature for music buffs

Take on all challengers in a test of your knowledge

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Now Heardle has gone to the great record store in the sky, if you know your Undertones from your overtures and want to prove it, Deezer’s latest update is perfect for you.  The music streaming service added quizzes to test your skills in an update last year and now the feature is being upgraded to include multiplayer.

Up to 100 players can go head to head to prove they are the most knowledgeable at Deezer’s Name That Tune style game, with quizzes available from dozens of categories ranging from ‘One hit wonders’ to Unlikely couples’. Personally, you will find me on ‘Alternative Essentials’, but good luck taking me on. 

Deezer quizzes

(Image credit: Deezer)

Solo players need not miss out as each quiz also has a solo mode where you can see how you rank on a leaderboard of users. Best of all while Premium users have a larger range of categories, those with a free Deezer account can still join in the fun just not host quizzes. More quizzes will be on the way including seasonal and topical offerings. Listening to music on the best headphones is great, but can be a bit of a lonely experience, so it’s great to see features like this that make music a social pastime. To start a quiz simply open up Deezer and select the Music tab.

This is not the only reason that Deezer is one of the best music streaming services. Deezer’s local editors and unique Flow algorithm aim to create the best possible music recommendations for your tastes, but those who like to show off will love the chance to take on the world with quizzes.

Andy Sansom
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