Classic looks meet new tech in the new Oakley Flight Tracker ski goggles

New goggles reflect iconic Oakley design

Oakley Flight Tracker ski goggles
(Image credit: Oakley)

The design of the new Oakley Flight Tracker goggles has been inspired by the company’s first true oversized goggle: the Canopy. This went on to become something of a winter sports classic and was, of course, instantly recognisable on the mountain both for its size and the large Oakley ‘O’ embroidered into each side of the goggle strap. 

Not only do the Flight Trackers look equally cool, but we rate them amongst the best ski goggles around now. The design features an oversized full-rim toric lens design (the shape of toric lenses creates different refractive, or focusing, powers on the vertical and horizontal orientations – in effect the lens is cut thicker over the optical centre and thinner towards the edge, helping to eliminate any distortion), which provides excellent visibility on the mountain, optimising the field of view in all directions.

The design also has the advantage of featuring an OTG (Over the Glasses) fit, allowing the Flight Tracker to be worn with most prescription glasses under the goggles without compromising fit.

The goggles come with ‘Prizm Snow’ lens technology, which enhances contrast so you can see more detail on the mountain in a variety of light and snow conditions, and a total of 26 lens and frame colour combinations are available along with three sizes (S, M, L) and compatibility with most ski helmets.

The inside of the lens features an anti-fog lens coating to prevent fogging whilst the outer lens has an Iridium coasting to reduce glare from the sun and snow and also incorporates Plutonite lens material to give clear, sharp, and accurate vision while offering protection against impacts. The lens also provides 100 per cent UV protection.

The Flight Tracker has a very comfortable fit thanks to the combination of a flexible frame which conforms to the shape of your face and triple-layer polar fleece face foam, whilst a 50mm-wide silicone backed strap keeps the goggles securely in place even on a smooth/slippery helmet surface.

Alf Alderson

Alf Alderson is an adventure travel writer and outdoor gear reviewer who splits his time between the Pembrokeshire coast and the French Alps, where he is an 'ambassador' for the ski resort of Les Arcs.