Circular Apple Watch Series 6 wows in stunning new render

New video shows what an Apple Watch with a circular case and display could look like

Circular Apple Watch 6
(Image credit: Phone Industry)

The Apple Watch has always stood out from the crowd with its square (ish) case and display. But what if Apple decided to fit a circular case for the new Series 6?

This is the question posed by a render video published to YouTube by Phone Industry. The video shows what a trailer for a new, circular Apple Watch might look like, and how the user interface, strap and case would change as a result.

Of course, there’s nothing to say Apple will actually do this with the Series 6, or any future model of Watch, but it sure is fun to imagine. The render suggests Apple would use a Micro LED display for the round Watch, and there would be a more compact Digital Crown at the three o’clock position.

(Image credit: Phone Industry)

An orange Hermés edition is also imagined by the render, and so too is a range of colour options for the circular Apple Watch, including gold, black, blue, white and red.

Buttons for removing the straps are missing, but we reckon Apple could find a way to make this work with a circular Watch case. We also have high hopes that Apple will soon offer the native sleep tracking mentioned by the render video, and the 48-hour battery life, too.

There are plenty of similarities between this render and the Apple Watch’s main rival, the circular Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. As such, we wonder if Apple would ever go down this route, given the square body and rounded corners of the Watch makes it stand out from the round-faced competition.

As has become an annual tradition, Apple is expected to announce a new version of its smartwatch in September. We expect to see the Watch Series 6 revealed alongside a new family of iPhones. It seems unlikely that the Watch would switch to a circular design this year, but this render certainly gives us food for thought.

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