Chromecast and Google TV are getting the upgrade users have been crying out for

Better controls from your phone

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Google is set to roll out the ability to download Play store apps on Android TV sets from smartphones. The feature will come as a server-side update, meaning that it won't be visible to all users immediately and will arrive incrementally. 

The good news is that some users are already reporting that they can install apps to their Android TV straight from some of the best Android phones. This ability has been available on Google Play's Web version for some time now, where users can project apps to Chromecasts and Shield TVs.

First spotted by Tom's Guide, the feature is rolling out globally and it means compatible best phones will inherit the feature that has been widely available on other channels such as Google Play Web.

You'll know that you've received the update when a new option appears underneath the install button. That's according to several Reddit users, who've said that once the option appears, you can click and choose whether to install the feature on your phone or on an Android TV.

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Courtesy of Reddit user u/kevjs1982's screenshots pictured above, we get a pretty substantial taste of what the UI looks like when you have apps installed on various devices. According to Tom's Guide, if it's already on your phone, the Play Store will drop you a link to send it directly to your Android TV. If it's already on your streaming stick, the usual "Install" button appears instead. Finally, if it's on both your phone and television, Google marks the app as "Installed on all devices."

With Black Friday deals hitting online retailers thick and fast, this nifty little addition to Chromecast could make it a very alluring proposition to spend your hard-earned money on, especially with a healthy discount in hand. Any feature that gives Chromecast with Google TV owners a simpler route to installing apps is sure to be a much-welcomed addition to the streaming platform, amongst the service's many users.

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