Chrome on Android has a super-fast version: how to check if your phone is running it

Chrome for Android gets speed boost with 64-bit version

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Chrome 89’s recent launch brings more good news for Android users: the ability to browser faster, and open more tabs in Chrome through the rollout of a 64-bit version of its popular browser to supported devices. Google suggests that the official 64-bit version of the browser is “up to 8.5% faster to load webpages, plus 28% smoother when it comes to scrolling and input latency.” That's a seriously beefy uptick in speed.

Android phones can make use of the 64-bit Chrome browser, as long as they are updated to Android 10, and with at least 8GB of RAM can use the new 64-bit version of Chrome. It's simple to check if your device is already running the requirements. By typing 'chrome://version' into the web browser's address bar, your device will reveal the Android version you're running, your handset's data, and the particular build.

Google has already been pushing out the 64-bit version of Chrome to existing users who own an Android device, so if your device meets the spec then the browser version may already be updated and this can be verified in the same way by looking for the details behind the Google Chrome version number. 

Users should get a tangible boost in performance on Chrome if they own devices from our pick of the best Android phones and meet the requirements needed. Of course, Google is known to roll out updates sporadically to different devices, so it's a case of using the above to check when you receive it. 

Chrome has been focusing on performance improvements for a while: news of tab management on Android Chrome, even the scrollable tabstrip for the desktop that takes aim at problems that throttle RAM, are all attempts by Google to tweak performance to benefit the user. Stay tuned for any more update information here at T3.

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