Android Chrome update will save you from yourself with a nifty answer to tab management

If you've got tens of tabs open on your Android browser, the new preview page feature should help you get in under control

Android update
(Image credit: Antonio Scalogna via Unsplash)

Android users have just had a nifty new update roll out that should help keep multiple tab fiends under control by letting users preview and browse pages on Chrome without actually opening them.

Just press and hold on a link to summon the menu, and the 'preview page' option is the third option down, nestled between the 'open incognito tab' and 'copy link address'. Tap the option to view the page in almost-full, taking up most of your screen, and scroll through as you usually would. Links within the preview work normally, but you can't open a preview within a preview. 

Once you're done, just hit the 'x' or swipe down to close it, or if it's important enough to warrant being opened and hanging around for a while, you can choose to open the page fully. 

If you've got an embarrassing amount of tabs open on your device, the update should help curb your proclivity to keep stacking them up by letting you peruse the page before deciding if you want to fully open it, and forcing you to make that decision before you carry on browsing the web. 

The new update has rolled out on Chrome 89 for Android devices, and has been in the works for a while, so those of you who need an intervention when it comes to tab management should give it a whirl to see if it helps. 

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