Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow is back and better than ever

One of the most popular Christopher Ward models has been given a gentle upgrade

The new Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow on the wrist
(Image credit: Christopher Ward)
Quick Summary

The Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow has been reworked with a version two model.

The key change comes in the case, where the Light0catcher case offers a sportier aesthetic.

It can be hard to quantify what warrants being called the best watch on the market. Personal preference can make such a big difference, and what makes one person tick wont do it for another.

Still, if we're being objective, there are certainly a few things which could be signifiers. Interesting complications, for example, can elevate a timepiece in a useful way. In-house calibres are also seen as a mark of quality. And of course, a good look is pretty much essential.

Enter the Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow. That's not a new model, having been a part of the lineup for a few years. However, with the release of the very similar Christopher Ward C1 Moonphase, whispers of the model leaving the range have swirled.

Earlier this week, the web listing for the model left their website. Many feared the worst.

But fear was misplaced, as the C1 Moonglow is back. This new v2 model has made some gentle adjustments, which make big difference to the overall aesthetic.

For starters, the new version uses the popular Light-catcher case shape. That's more modern looking than the previous generation, making for a watch which is much more in keeping with the rest of the range.

A domed glass box crystal then gives way to the black dial, with a pair of photorealistic moons. Those are set against a bed of stars, and rotate to showcase the movement of the moon in the sky.

That's all powered by a Sellita SW220 with a JJ04 module. According to Christopher Ward, a fully wound watch will follow the movement of the moon for a staggering 128 years.

All of that sits at a cost of £2,120 on the Christopher Ward Consort bracelet, or £1,995 on the Vacona leather strap. That's decent value for a moonphase complication – and exceptional for one which looks this good. It's also at parity with the C1 Moonphase model, which makes sense within their product range.

In short – if you're on the hunt for a top watch with a neat complication, this should certainly be on your radar.

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