Check out the world’s biggest touch screen

Who fancies a massive game of Angry Birds?

Who fancies a massive game of Angry Birds?

These days a humble touch screen is hardly going to impress anyone, but one the size of a wall? Now you're talking. And that's essentially what manufacturer Engage Production has done, in building the world's biggest multi-touch interactive video screen.

The current set up is a wall made up of 24 individual 55-inch MultiTaction displays – that's 9.9 meters by 2.1m of unlimited contact point touch screen. However we're told in theory the number of stackable screens is unlimited – so you could have one the size of a building.

The displays are full HD, which can accommodate unlimited numbers of touch points, an unlimited number of concurrent users with full hand recognition, and an impressive gesture-tracking rate of 200 frames per second. It can be operated by numerous tablet devices, too.

The firm claims it offers the world's most advanced set of touch, gesture, and object recognition capabilities – and while we're sure there's a plethora of more impressive things this tech can be bent towards, we've just always fancied playing Angry Birds on the side of the Empire State Building.

Steve Blyth, the brains behind Engage Production, tells us: “This is not just a display; it's a fully interactive device that can be used by huge numbers of people at any one time, and interacts with iPad and Android devices. For our client, having the latest facilities to deliver crucial and relevant presentations in an entertaining and engaging way was a major consideration.

“There are devices on the market similar to MultiTaction, but none offers the stackability (and the ability to work as one like a giant iPad), the sensitivity in terms of reaction times and tracking rates, or the ability to process an unlimited number of touches – human or 'tagged' objects. The scope for additional videowalls of this size, or bigger (the stackability is only limited by the current software development kit) is huge – and the potential applications are endless.”