Cheap Three SIM only deal bags 30GB of data for just £10p/m

Want big SIM only data for little money? Then this Three SIM only deal is well worth checking out

Three SIM only deal
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T3 knows a lot about the best SIM only deals on the market as we track them every single week. That's why we saw this cracking new SIM only deal from Three break cover and also why we know it is a great offer.

It's a great SIM only deal as it delivers what every user wants – big data for very little money. In this case that data allowance is 30GB each month and the price is just £10. That's roughly just 34 pence per day to wield big data and, what's even better, is that that price also includes unlimited calls and texts.

Unlike some SIM only deal suppliers, too, the data delivered in this deal is 5G. This means that if you have a 5G phone and live in an area with 5G network coverage, then you can enjoy the rapid next-gen 5G data speeds and low latency.

This SIM only deal also includes Three's Go Roam Around the World feature, meaning that the SIM plan's allowances can be used all around the world in 71 countries with no extra cost.

We think this is a great new SIM only deal from Three, and it's full details can be viewed below:

Three SIM only deal
Star Deal

Three SIM only deal | 30GB data | Unlimited calls & texts | 12-month plan | £10p/m
In T3's eyes this is a great SIM only deal for users with large data needs. That's because it delivers 30GB of data, and that's 5G data, each month for just £10p/m. You also get unlimited calls and texts and the contract length is a short 12 months.

If you like the idea of a SIM only deal upgrade but would actually prefer unlimited data, and have a little more money to spend each month to make that happen, then be sure to check out the SIM only deals below.

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