Cheap OLED TV deal offers the LG NanoCell 80 Series 65 inch for just $800 at Amazon

Save over $300 on the LG NanoCell 80 Series 65 inch OLED 4K Smart TV at Amazon

cheap oled tv deal lg nanocell 80 series amazon
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Amazon is offering a pretty incredible deal on one of LG's latest OLED TVs, taking over $300 off the 65 inch NanoCell 80 Series 4K Smart TV. Now down to its second cheapest price ever, this is a must-see deal for those looking to upgrade to the latest OLED platform without overpaying.

On sale for $796.99, LG's NanoCell 80 Series 65 inch 4K Smart TV is an absolute steal in both price and value for your dollar. Offering a vivid and crystal clear display that brings a level of detail to games, movies and TV shows that is unbeatable at this price, this is by far one of the best OLED TV deals you'll find right now. 

LG NanoCell 80 Series 65" OLED 4K Smart TV:

LG NanoCell 80 Series 65" OLED 4K Smart TV: was $1,099.99, now $796.99 ($303 off)
For the price, this deal is hard to pass up. Crisp 4K native resolution backed by Active HDR (HDR10 and HLG) support bring a level of detail standard LED screens just can't match. One of the best TVs under $1,000 right now. Don't skip this deal if you're hoping to grab a solid OLED TV on sale cheap this weekend.

Launched in 2020, LG's NanoCell 80 Series OLED TVs were a massive step up from their previous NanoCell line. Improved 4K processing paired with local dimming, HDR10 and HLG support bring a range of colors most displays this price range just can't deliver. When it comes to the standard price tag of $1,099.99, the LG NanoCell 80 Series 65 inch 4K OLED TV is already a great deal.

Take an additional $303 off, however, and now you've got an OLED TV deal that is a must buy for those hoping to stick to a tighter budget. With comparable OLED displays running easily up to $1,500 or more, LG's NanoCell 80 Series is a welcome and worthy 4K TV for any home theater setup. If you're hoping to upgrade this as a main gaming TV, however, the 60Hz refresh rate may be on the low side but the display quality more than makes up for it.

Since this deal drops the price down to just $850, we highly recommend taking a look at this offer if you're shopping for a new TV. The value here is hard to beat, as most other OLED TV deals you'll find right now barely make a dent in the standard price tag. There are some solid yet cheap TV deals happening right now, but Amazon's LG NanoCell 80 Series OLED TV deal is a winner in our book.

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