Cheap dash cam deal takes $50 off the Garmin 66W at Amazon

One of the best dash cam setups gets a 20% price cut at Amazon – now on sale for $199

dash cam deal garmin 66w
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If a cheap dash cam is what you're after today, Amazon may just have the deal you're looking for. Garmin's 66W dash cam setup (one of the best dash cameras available) is on sale for 20% off at Amazon.

On sale for $199, (its second cheapest price ever) this nifty little dash cam setup provides full 1440p HD recordings with a 180 degree field of view for maximum coverage. Along with some added perks like voice control, automatic incident detection and more, the Garmin 66W offers a great and inexpensive solution for those in need of a dash cam.

Garmin 66W 1440p Dash Camera:

Garmin 66W 1440p Dash Camera: was $249.99, now $199 ($50 off)
An excellent dash camera for those on a budget, the Garmin 66W features 1440p recording along with incident detection, voice controls and automatic collision recording. A life saver when those careless drivers decide to clip or cut you off.

You can head over to T3's Garmin dash cam 66W review to check out all this thing has to offer, but to summarize this thing offers a top quality dash setup that comes fully featured with GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the works. It's easy to setup, easy to operate and is extremely reliable over comparable models.

The Garmin 66W is getting a discount at multiple retailers as well, with Amazon, Walmart and the like receiving the $50 price drop. If Amazon is all out by the time you go for the buy, be sure to check out the deal offers below to find out other locations that have this thing in stock. Safe driving!

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