Cheap Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone deals drop in bank holiday sale

Get the Apple iPhone SE, iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and Galaxy Note 20 with big savings for a limited time

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T3 is constantly on the lookout for the best phone deals, as we like to see people rocking the very best phones on the market without having to spend a fortune.

Which is why we had to write about MobilePhonesDirect's bank holiday sale when we saw it, as it sees some of the very best iPhones and best Android phones discounted in some really attractive phone deals.

There's the Apple iPhone SE 64GB, for example, for nothing up front and just £23 pounds per month – that's incredibly affordable in our book. While Android fans will be pleased to see that there are big discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

To see all the bank holiday phone deals head straight on over to MobilePhonesDirect, or to see a curate selection of what we consider the best on offer then check out the cheap phone deals below:

Apple iPhone SE 64GB | Upfront cost: £0.00 | 30GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | O2 | 24-months | £23 pm
The Apple iPhone SE has been T3's best cheap phone recommendation since it launched, and right here it can be picked up for free upfront, along with an affordable SIM plan from O2 that delivers unlimited calls and texts, as well as 30GB of data, for just £23 per month. You get your choice of colour, too, and the deal comes with free delivery.View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 64GB | Upfront cost: £69 | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | Vodafone | 24-months | £39 pm
Apple's latest handset, the iPhone 12, is here available in a wide choice of colourways and with a seriously large 100GB of data to use each month from Vodafone. You also get unlimited calls and texts and only have to drop £69 upfront to land the handset.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G | Upfront cost: £99.99 | 250GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | O2 | 24-months | £45 pm
For serious Android power and SIM plan performance, then this cracking phone deal on the current Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, is well worth a look. You get the hyper-luxe handset for £99.99 upfront, and then get to use a SIM plan from O2 that delivers a whopping 250GB of data each month as well as unlimited calls and texts.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 256GB | Upfront cost: £69.99 | 90GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | O2 | 24-months | £31 pm
Rounding off our curated deals selection is this great offer on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which also comes in its large 256Gb storage variant. The Note series is famous for coming with an in-built digital stylus, so if you fancy some phablet action, and want to do so for just £69 upfront and then £31 per month, this is a great deal. And especially so as you get a very large 90GB of data to burn each month as part of the package.View Deal

To see even more great phone deals from other stores and networks, be sure to scope out the pricing chart below, which automatically displays the very cheapest and best phone deals in the UK right now.

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