Cheap 4K TV deal: Get a 58-inch Toshiba 4K HDR TV for just £329 ahead of Father's Day (and the return of football)

This 4K TV deal gives you a big screen with Dolby Vision HDR support for an outrageously low price

Cheap 4K TV deal: Toshiba 58U2963DB
(Image credit: Toshiba)

This cheap 4K TV deal gives you so much screen for your money: Toshiba's 58-inch 58U2963DB is down to just £329 at right now. At nearly 60 inches, you really make the most of 4K resolution with this TV, and Dolby Vision support means HDR movies look as good as possible. In fact, we've just reviewed the Toshiba 58U2963DB and given it a big thumbs up, calling it "the perfect example of a big-value big-screen".

If you want a screen-size upgrade ready for the return of the football (or as a Father's Day gift treat), this deal looks perfect.

• Buy the Toshiba 58U2963DB 4K TV | Save £70 | Now £329 at

58 inches is an unusual size at the moment, but people in the TV industry have told us to expect to see it becoming more common – with slim bezels, 58-inch sets aren't much bigger in dimensions than 55-inch TVs, but you get a good boost in visible screen area. We still wouldn't expect to see that many of them at this price, though, or appearing in our list of the best TVs under £500.

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Dolby Vision inclusion is a really nice touch here – this advanced form of HDR is used by Netflix and Disney+, among others, to make images look as realistic as possible, and to help make the most of HDR on TVs that don't produce the giant brightness levels of the more expensive flagship LED sets. In that regard, it's ideal to have on this budget TV – though it's actually missing from some high-end TVs that cost 10 times as much, so the fact that Toshiba included it here is especially nice.

A number of smart services are built in, including Freeview Play and UK catch-up apps, and you can control the TV using Alexa.

Toshiba 58U2963DB 4K TV | Save £70 | Now £329 at

Toshiba 58U2963DB 4K TV | Save £70 | Now £329 at
This 58-inch 4K TV includes Dolby Vision HDR support, Freeview Play and UK catch-up apps, and Alexa control via your Amazon Echo devices. If you're looking for a screen size upgrade that gives you tons of bang for your buck, this is impossible to beat!

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