Cheap 4K TV deal drops this JVC 50 inch Roku TV to just $300 at Walmart

Grab a JVC 50"" 4K Smart TV on sale for $only $278 right now at Walmart

jvc 50 inch 4k roku tv deal walmart
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Walmart is offering an incredibly cheap TV deal that can net you a brand new 50 inch 4K Smart TV at an unbeatable price. Taking $120 off this JVC 50 inch 4K TV, this cheap TV deal at Walmart offers one of the best values for your buck right now.

On sale for $278, Walmart's deal on this JVC 50 inch 4K TV is easily one of the best TV deals you'll find today. An absolute steal for a TV this size with 4K support, this Roku TV comes loaded with thousands of hours of streaming content straight from the dashboard.

JVC 50" 4K UHD Roku TV:

JVC 50" 4K UHD Roku TV: was $$398, now $278 ($120 off)
An excellent budget-friendly TV that just got even friendlier, this JVB 50" 4K Roku TV is a steal at this price. It's also hard to pass up a Smart TV of this screen size for so cheap.

Already a shoe-in for one of the best TVs under $1,000 just due to value alone, the JVC 50" Roku TV features a solid mix of performance and value for the price. It's a full-on smart TV with Roku's platform built straight in, so access to content is easy and intuitive. You can even download the Roku mobile app for Android and iOS devices if you want to go full voice control.

While it may be an LED screen instead of the newer QLED or OLED platforms, for the price this is a great chance to snag a Roku TV cheap that isn't super tiny. You're also sacrificing newer features like built-in voice control and smart assistant compatibility.

You won't, however, get more modern display enhancing tech such as Dolby Digital or HDR support, but at this price it's hard to argue against that. As a secondary display for the garage or room, it'll serve you well. If you absolutely need features like motion rate enhancing, DTS Studio Sound support and more, there's an excellent deal on a Hisense 75" 4K Roku TV for just $698 that may be worth checking out.

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