Cheap 4K OLED TV deals: LG BX and CX are their lowest EVER price!

These OLEDs are perfect for PS5 thanks to HDMI 2.1 support, as well as being winners for movie lovers

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LG's OLED TVs are massively popular, and it's easy to see why: they give you high-end image quality, and include four HDMI 2.1 ports with 4K 120Hz and Variable Refresh Rate support so they're perfect for PS5 and Xbox Series X – and all at low prices when compared to more of the best OLED TVs.

And right now, the LG CX and cheaper LG BX are both at the lowest price we've ever seen them! They're some of the best TVs on the market overall, and are the best gaming TVs, so if you're looking for an upgrade, this is the perfect time.

• Buy LG BX 55-inch | Save £200 | Now £1,099 at Very
• Buy LG CX 55-inch | Save £100 | Now £1,299 at Currys

Both TVs have been down to these kinds of prices before, but this is as low they've ever been, so if you're considering either of them, now is a great time to buy. Both of these models are from 2020, and LG will soon introduce the 2021 replacement models for them, hence the prices being kept low. However, the 2021 models aren't set to change very much from these models apart from processing, but will launch at the RRP, which will be much higher than this.

The difference between the LG BX and LG CX comes down to the refinement of the image quality, basically. The LG BX is a little less bright, and uses an older version of LG's image processor, which means it's a lower price. In our five-star LG BX review, we called it "a brilliantly specified, competitively priced OLED TV that holds particular appeal to gamers", and added that "Picture quality is also extremely good, and while the BX’s Alpha 9-powered siblings have the edge in nuance and image definition, the differences are less obvious than you might first imagine."

The "Alpha 9-powered siblings" in question include the LG CX, which again took home five stars in our LG CX review. The brighter screen means it can do even more with HDR content, and the next-gen processor offers even better control of deep black levels, as well as slightly improved upscaling from HD, as well as detail in 4K. We said that "The LG CX’s combination of exquisite pictures at a lower price make it LG’s most all-round irresistible OLED TV yet", and that "It's just about unmatched for its delicate and realistic images in movies, and it also manages to be a dream for those looking at the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X thanks to its support for every fancy new feature they have going."

Buy LG BX 55-inch | Save £200 | Now £1,099 at Very

Buy LG BX 55-inch | Save £200 | Now £1,099 at Very
LG's budget OLED offers the rich, deep contrast and precision of OLED, but with enough saved when compared to the LG CX to get yourself a nice soundbar too! It still has HDMI 2.1 support for next-gen consoles on all four HDMI ports, and the smart platform is great too.

Buy LG CX 55-inch | Save £100 | Now £1,299 at Currys

Buy LG CX 55-inch | Save £100 | Now £1,299 at Currys
The LG CX offers slightly better image quality than the LG BX – it's a bit brighter, and has more advanced processing. We think that level of futureproofing makes the extra cost over the LG BX worth it, especially when combined with it having HDMI 2.1 features on all HDMI ports – this is a set that can last you.

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And we're sure other retailers will be fighting over offering the lowest prices for these sought-after sets, so here are the latest prices pulled in from across the web for the 55-inch and 65-inch models.

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