CES 2022: this shake-to-power smart thermometer lasts a lifetime and doesn't require any batteries

The BCool is always ready to go in a crisis

Baracoda BCool thermometer
(Image credit: Baracoda)

The Consumer Electronics Show is packed with innovative new products, but one that's caught our particular attention is the BCool smart thermometer from health tech company Baracoda. This clever gadget stands out because unlike all other modern, mercury-free thermometers, this one doesn't require a battery. Instead, it packs an integrated supercapacitor, which means you can just shake the thermometer to power it up. A few shakes will provide enough juice to collect one temperature reading.

The obvious benefit is that you don't need to remember to charge up or replace a battery; your thermometer is always ready to go. So if you end up in a crisis, you won't end up stumped by a flat battery. Convenience aside, it's a more eco-friendly solution, and it's designed to last a lifetime. No wonder it picked up an Innovation Award at CES 2022.  

This isn't a basic option, either. In use, it boasts many of the same features you'll find in today's best thermometers. There's an option to use it as a touch or no-touch thermometer. The latter just requires you to move the device slowly in front of the forehead, without the need for any actual contact with the skin. It's ideal if, for instance, you want to check a sleeping infant's temperature without disturbing them. Baracoda says the sensors are designed to work fast and deliver readings with medical-grade precision. 

More than that, the BCool also connects via Bluetooth to a companion iOS / Android app to unlock extra smart features. Temperature readings will automatically sync to the app, so you can easily track temperature changes over time, without having to be organised enough to take notes. You can set up different profiles for different family members, too.

The BCool smart thermometer is one of a number of interesting wellness-focused innovations from this year's CES. Yesterday, we reported on a smart lightbulb that can monitor your sleep habits, track vital stats and even tell if you've taken a fall. 

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