Casio announces British Army edition G-Shock Mudmaster

Ultra-tough watch features army-spec camouflage design with carbon fibre bezel

(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has formed a new partnership with the Ministry of Defence, and to mark the occasion it has announced a new British Army edition of the G-Shock Mudmaster.

Water resistant to 200 metres, the new G-Shock features a camouflage design inspired by the Army’s own Multi Terrain Pattern.

Also linked to the military is how the watch has a stealth black dial - a detail specifically requested by the British Army so to avoid the watch attracting attention when worn on operations.

Official supplier to the Ministry of Defence, Casio says the new Mudmaster is a limited-edition timepiece, but hasn’t revealed exactly how limited just yet.

(Image credit: Casio)

The watch features an updated Carbon Core Guard Structure and triple-layered carbon-insert bezel, resulting in a timepiece that is as tough as it is light. The special edition has cylindrical buttons to help prevent debris from entering the watch, plus a textured, camouflage band and large buttons to make its features easy to use.

These features include location and activity-tracking, Bluetooth for connecting to the G-Shock Connected companion smartphone app, plus a mission log memory, location memory, sunrise and sunset data, and an estimate of calories burned.

(Image credit: Casio)

There’s also a compass, thermometer, altimeter/barometer, and step tracker, plus a stopwatch with 1/100 second accuracy, a countdown timer, and up to five daily alarms.

As you might expect, the Mudmaster is a large watch, with a case that measures up to 53.1mm wide, while weighing in (with strap) at 92g.

Complete with a special edition camouflage box, the British Army edition G-Shock Mudmaster will be available in March and costs £450.

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