The iPhone 15’s USB-C power adapter is going to be a big seller

Apple’s iPhone 15 won’t come with a plug in the box, so unless you’re charging wirelessly, you’ll need to invest in a USB-C power adapter

Apple power adapter for iPhone
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The launch of the iPhone 15 is expected to be just hours away, and one of the details we’re almost certain of. It’s widely rumoured that all new iPhone 15 models will feature a USB-C port instead of the previous Lightning connector that Apple has used on iPhones since the iPhone 5 in 2012. 

The USB-C port has many benefits for the user, not least the fact that the connection is common across almost all other phones now – as well as MacBooks and iPads. However, if you’ve previously relied on an old USB-A to Lightning cable and power adapter for your charging, you may need to make an additional purchase when you upgrade this year. 

While the iPhone 15 is expected to include a USB-C to USB-C cable in the box, it is highly unlikely to include the plug. So unless you have one kicking about at home already, a USB-C wall plug should also be on your list. 

Apple Dual USB-C 35W charger

Apple's Dual USB-C 35W charger could be a good option for fast charging

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Apple already sells a 20W USB-C Power Adapter on its site. That’s because newer products, including the iPhone 14 came with a USB-C to Lightning cable, and the MagSafe chargers for both the iPhone and more recent Apple Watch models also featured USB-C cables.

There is a rumour that the iPhone 15 will support faster than 20W charging, and in which case, there could be a new faster power adapter for iPhone coming. Or you could use the existing 35W Dual USB-C charger for extra juice. A faster charge could also require a Thunderbolt 4 cable, and therefore a new Thunderbolt compatible plug, though this is unlikely to be cheap.

Of course, Apple isn’t the only manufacturer of USB-C power adapters. If you want to have a few spare for charging around the house or in the office, you can buy a range of third-party 20W or higher adapters from most online retailers. The same goes for those USB-C to USB-C leads. It’s worth getting a few extra of each – I like to keep one in my work bag and a few spare at home, just in case.

Even if you use MagSafe wireless charging as your main method of charging, it’s still handy to have a faster plug-in charging option. If you’re buying a new iPhone, it’s probably worth adding a power adapter to your order – especially if the high speed version does materialise. Because when it comes to chargers, you can never have too many.

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