Build blocks and learn stuff with Minecraft: Education Edition in June

Yes, another version of Microsoft's cash bovine is heading to schools

Announced earlier in the year, Microsoft has finally confirmed the next incarnation of the game that never stops giving will arrive this summer. Minecraft: Education Edition has been designed specifically for use in school lessons and will enter a form of 'early access' in June.

The Education Edition will have all the tools and creative potential of the regular PC, tablet and console versions but will come preloaded with prebuilt locations for potential use such as the Pyraminds at Giza and and Pompeii.

It might seem a little odd to release a game aimed at schools at the tail end of an academic year, but Mojang and Microsoft want teachers to have a chance over the summer break to test out the software and see how it could be integrated into their curriculum.

The game will be a free download for OS X and Windows while a beta version will launch in May with over 100 schools spread across 41 different countries taking part in the program. It'll also be made available in 11 different languages so they'll be plenty of diversity when it comes to its potential user base. So if you're kids come home with a sudden desire to start building the Leaning Tower of Piza in blocky form, you'll know why.

Via: Minecraft Education Edition

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