Build a bigger, more muscular back with this expert's advice

Large lats, titanic traps and ridiculous rhomboids are just a mere click away

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Achieving a solid, muscular back is akin to laying down steadfast foundations for a new home. This group of extremely powerful muscles is key to many compound lifting exercises and in short, a strong back will ensure you can safely and effectively shift larger weights... the key to building muscle mass.

PureGym fitness expert, Jake Rostron, is on hand to divulge his quick tips on the back muscles you need to focus on in order to achieve that classic, T-shirt filling V-shape that many hulking blokes aspire to.

"The back is made up of a complex network of muscles, all of which serve a particular purpose. So make sure you look to hit each part of the back to ensure even growth," he says.

So, if you are looking for a bit of 'back day' inspiration, look no further.   

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Focus on these muscle groups

PureGym fitness expert, Jake Rostron, talks us through the back muscles you need to target to develop some serious muscle. Try and incorporate an exercise that works each of the following muscle groups into your next 'back day' to see maximum results. 


This is the big muscle in the middle of your back next to your spine and assists with pulling things towards you from in front. They respond well to the following: seated row, bent over row and kettlebell row. 

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Erector Spinae

This group extend and support the spine and can be found towards your lower back, either side of the spinal column. Try a back extension or good mornings to work them hard.

Trapezius (Traps) 

These are the muscle that run along the side of your neck and down towards the centre of your upper back. They lift your shoulders upwards towards your ears. Tough exercises like a farmers walk or a heavy barbell shrug work a treat.

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Teres Major and Minor

They are located on your back just behind the top of your upper arm. They move your upper arm backwards. Exercises like wide grip rows and lat pulldowns really help develop this specific group

Latissimus Dorsi

Can be found to the side of your middle back. They predominately move raised arms down towards your pelvis or move your body towards your arms. Exercises such as wide grip pull downs, straight arm pull downs or chin ups will target these.

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