Budget-friendly Nest Thermostat E is the affordable way to save money on energy bills

The affordable Nest is here to make smart heating for everyone

Nest Thermostat E is the name of the latest Nest device that aims to slash the price on smart home heating so everyone can get involved.

Unlike the main Nest Learning Thermostat, that costs a potentially prohibitive £279, the new Nest Thermostat E will only sting you for $169 (£130).

The design of the Nest Thermostat E has winter in mind - take note Game of Thrones fans. When winter does come the new model will be ready as it’s covered in frosted glass, something the company claims is an industry first. This is surrounded by a white control ring on the outer edge.

All that should mean the entire device appears a cool white when off and delivers the ideal brightness when active. In the usual Nest way the thermostat will come with a pre-set schedule that you can edit directly or via the app. Or you can let the thermostat itself learn patterns and work out the best schedule to save you money on bills. 

When nobody is home the Nest Thermostat E will detect this and shut down your heating to save you money. You can always fire it up using your phone from anywhere, if you need.

The Nest Thermostat E will also be compatible with smart home gadgets like Amazon Echo and Google Home, allowing you to control your heating with your voice alone. 

The Nest Thermostat E is available to buy now, in the US at least, for $169.

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