BondiBoost has released its own version of the Dyson Airwrap, but it's £300 cheaper

Say hello to the BondiBoost Everlast Airstyler

BondiBoost Everlast Airstyler
(Image credit: BondiBoost)

BondiBoost has launched its latest hair styling tool, the Everlast Airstyler. It's able to dry, wave, curl and smooth a variety of hair types and textures. 

The Airstyler comes with five ceramic-coated attachments and is available to buy for £175, over £300 cheaper than the Dyson Airwrap. 

It's no secret that the Dyson Airwrap is one of the most popular hair styling tools on the market, especially when it comes to its sleek design and impressive results. However, at just under £500, it isn't an accessible product for many of us. This leaves a gap for alternative brands to compete, and BondiBoost is the latest to give it a go. 

After launching its Infrared Bounce Brush in May, BondiBoost has now released the Everlast Airstyler. Designed to provide an 'everlasting range of styles', the Everlast Airstyler is able to dry, wave, curl and smooth a variety of hair types and textures. After the exact temperature we should style our hair was recently revealed, it's also great to see a number of haircare features included in its design. 

Its price point is even more appealing, coming in at £175. 

BondiBoost Everlast Airstyler

(Image credit: BondiBoost)

The BondiBoost Everlast Airstyler comes with five ceramic-coated attachments which evenly heat the hair to lock in long-lasting styles. The ceramic-coated design also adds shine and reduces frizz, helping to maintain healthy hair for as long as possible with its low styling temperatures (50°C – 80°C). 

The Everlast Airstyler comes with a Smoothing Dryer Concentrator, Angled Dryer Concentrator, two Ceramic Curlers, a Ceramic 32mm Round Brush and a Ceramic 58mm Volumising Round Brush. There's also a handy travel case included which is perfect to store the Airstyler when travelling. 

Buy the BondiBoost Everlast Airstyler for £175 or check out our other Dyson Airwrap alternatives

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