B&O BeoPlay E4 puts active noise cancelling in your ears

Premium in-ears with improved ANC from the top audio lifestyle brand

B&O continues to hose us all down with premium-grade, attractive audio products, modelled by premium-grade, attractive people. Latest on the list: the BeoPlay E4, with improved active noise cancelling over its predecessor pair, the H3. 

The ANC 'suppress up to 15dB more low frequency noise than previous technology,' whatever that may mean, using dual microphones to detect unwanted ambient sounds. It's the same tech found in the £400 Beoplay H9 on-ears. 

There is a rechargeable battery unit, which perhaps isn't ideal, but B&O has managed to get it down to 5x3x1cm. It's a 330 mAh cell, giving up to 20 hours of noise cancellation. In a classic B&O touch, it now has 'a polymer surface to give it greater tactility and durability' (!)

The music remote is in even more tactile and durable, anodized aluminium. 

The earpieces are also aluminium, with a choice of memory foam tips, giving an overall weight of 50g. 

A 'Transparency Mode' lets you turn music and ANC off, so you can hwar what's going on around you – people asking, "Where did you get those from? Bet they were expensive." That sort of thing.

And those people wouldn't be a million miles from the truth, as the BeoPlay E4 will retail at £229.

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Duncan Bell

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