Blink’s new security camera has better image quality than before and is surprisingly cheap

Blink launches its Mini 2 security camera to the UK market

Blink Mini 2
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Blink has launched the Blink Mini 2, its latest plug-in security camera that works indoors and outdoors. It has a similar compact design as the original Blink Mini, but with enhanced image quality and human detection.

While the Blink Mini 2 has been available to buy in the US for sometime, it’s now available in the UK, with prices starting at £34.99.

Blink has just launched its newest security camera, the Blink Mini 2. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this plug-in camera has better features than its predecessor, including enhanced image quality, person detection and a built-in LED spotlight.

Owned by Amazon, Blink has designed and developed many of the best security cameras, including its Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor products. Arguably the most popular camera from the company has been the Blink Mini, a compact plug-in indoor camera that many customers use to check in on their pets while out and about.

Based on the many positive reviews that the Blink Mini got (see our Blink Mini review for our honest opinion), Blink decided to build on this success and develop a new camera using the Mini style but for both indoor and outdoor use. As Chief Executive Officer at Blink, Liz Hamren, states, the “Mini 2 was rebuilt from the inside out, maintaining the core features our customers love, while adding more utility through features like night view in colour and person detection, all at an affordable price point.”

But just quickly before we tell you about its many functionalities, you might have already heard of the Blink Mini 2. That’s because it’s been available to buy in the US for a while now. But this new launch is to announce that it’s now coming to the UK via Amazon.

Blink Mini 2

(Image credit: Amazon)

The new Blink Mini 2 still has that recognisable Mini look, and keeps the same size as the original. Where it differs is its built-in LED spotlight that sits discreetly above the camera. When in use, the spotlight allows for night view in colour, a wider field of view and 1080p image quality. It also offers better low light performance and two-way audio for better audio and vision.

Inside the Blink Mini 2 is a custom built chip that supports the camera’s many features while utilising on-device computer vision (CV). The latter helps support smart notifications, like CV-enabled person detection that alerts you to when humans are detected rather than animals or objects. All of this and more can be seen in the Blink app and with the Blink subscription plan which is sold separately.

While the original Blink Mini is an indoor camera, the Blink Mini 2 can be used both inside and outside. To use it outside, the Blink Mini 2 comes with a Blink Weather Resistant Power Adaptor (sold separately) and mount for installation and weatherproofing.

Additional features include customisable privacy settings, Alexa compatibility (as you’d expect with any Amazon product!) and a choice of a black or white colourway. Available to buy at Amazon, the Blink Mini 2 is surprisingly cheap at £34.99 for indoor use only and £43.98 with the Blink Weather Resistant Power Adaptor for outdoor use.

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