You can buy some of the best treadmills and weights NOW, cheap at JTX for Black Friday

Top cardio machine deals from JTX Fitness with fast delivery too

JTX Fitness best treadmill deals and kettlebell deals
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If you have been following the news, you'll know that the best treadmills and weights – both the best dumbbells and the best kettlebells have been in short supply for months. With more lockdowns potentially looming, we suggest you don't wait till Amazon Prime Day – and certainly not Black Friday – to snap up some cheap home gym deals – not least because JTX Fitness has many great treadmill, cardio, kettlebell and dumbbell deals in stock and ready to go now, with fast delivery to boot.

• Shop the available home gym equipment deals at JTX Fitness today

Needless to say, we are not expecting most of these items to stay in stock for too long so if you are planning on getting fit in 2021 (or even in 2020), you might want to start making those essential best home gym equipment purchases now. JTX Fitness stocks everything from treadmills and rowing machines to dumbbells and resistance bands.

T3's top picks at JTX Fitness

JTX Sprint-7 Treadmill | On sale for £899 | Was £1,399 | You save ££500 at JTX Fitness
The JTX Sprint-7 treadmill is a powerful beast, capable of producing speeds up to 20 km/h and up to 15% inclines with its 3 HP motor. this is the new upgraded 2020 model that features an 8-point Cushionstep deck for a quieter and more joint-friendly workout at home. for an added peace of mind, the Sprint-7 comes with a 3-year in home repair warranty too. Order now, have it delivered as soon as 5-30 October.View Deal

JTX Freedom Air Rower V2 | On sale for £569 | Was £699 | You save £130 at JTX Fitness
Available for immediate delivery, the JTX Freedom Air Rower is an updated 2020/21 model that comes equipped with dual air and magnetic resistance for a more efficient home workout. It is a self-powered rower and requires no plugs so you can place it anywhere in your home. This machine comes with a 2-year in-home repair warranty too.View Deal

JTX 16kg Neoprene Covered Kettlebell | Buy it for £49 at JTX Fitness
16-kilo kettlebells disappeared from the face of the earth in April. Seeing them in stock again is like Christmas came early for anyone interested in home resistance training. Using just one kettlebell, you can get fit and lose weight at the same time with this 4-week kettlebell workout. Get fit now!View Deal

JTX 10 kg Dumbbells (Pair) | Buy it for £64 at JTX Fitness
At the same time kettlebells were removed from existence, they took all the decent sized dumbbells with them too. Getting quality 10-kilo dumbbell pairs for a reasonable price was almost as impossible to get toilet paper in April. Not anymore, though, as JTX Fitness has restocked its dumbbell selection including the coveted 10 kg pair which can be bought for £64 now. Not for long, probably.View Deal

Matt Kollat
Matt Kollat

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