Black Friday cheap SIM-only deal delivers BIG data for just 40 pence per day

Unlimited minutes and texts, too

Black Friday Three SIM-only deal
(Image credit: Three)

SIM only deals not only offer the best way to get a large data, text and minutes allowance for a low price point, but also offer great flexibility in terms of contract length, too. 

As such, while getting a phone on-contract is often a great way to get a top device at launch, it is also true that, if you're happy with the handset you're currently using, it can be much more savvy to simply invest in a new SIM-only package.

Which is why this Black Friday cheap SIM-only deal from Three caught our deal-hunting attention. It stands out through its ability to deliver a large data allowance, as well as unlimited minutes and texts, for only 40 pence per day.

40 pence is so cheap it is half the price of a single Mars bar, and only 1/6th the price of a single flat white coffee. That is a hell of a lot of value in our eyes here at T3, and with the SIM package also delivering in terms of roaming and 5G ready connectivity, too, we think it delivers across the board.

The full details of the SIM-only deal can be viewed below:

Three SIM | 12GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £12 p/m
12GB  of data as well as unlimited minutes and texts for £12 per month is fantastic value, with that translating as just 40 pence per day. This SIM-only deal comes with 5G ready at no extra cost, too. In addition, Three deliver its famous Go Roam Around the World functionality, meaning that you can travel abroad while retaining all your allowances. Free delivery is also included.View Deal

If you like the sound of this Three SIM-only deal but absolutely need unlimited data, then this cracking unlimited everything deal from Smarty is worth a look. It bags you a very similar package, but cranks the data allowance up to unlimited.

Like Three, Smarty is famous for never ever restricting mobile data speeds, too, meaning that if you are very heavy data user then you can look forward to rapid internet browsing and app use, as well as lag-free online gaming and video calling.

The Smarty unlimited everything deal can be viewed below:

Unlimited everything Smarty SIM-only deal | Monthly rolling contract | Unlimited 4G data | Unlimited calls, unlimited texts | RRP: £25.00 a month | Deal price: £18.75 a month
Want to permanently avoid warnings about running out of 4G mobile data at the end of each month? Fear not, Smarty hands over unlimited data. Want to make phone calls for hours on end? No worries, you've got unlimited minutes. Prefer to rattle off texts and don't want to come up against a limit? Enjoy a unlimited text message allowance. Smarty promises no speed throttling. And you'll never have to worry about breaching your data limit ever again.View Deal

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