Best Casper mattress deals 2019

The world's favourite mattress gets a serious price cut

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Casper has some serious memory-foam-based deals to tempt you, if you ever manage to drag yourself out of bed. It's among the best of the Cyber Monday deals that are still going, having started before Black Friday.

Casper is perhaps the King of Mattress 2.0 worldwide, and its wares are as in demand in the UK as they are throughout the mattress-buying world. 

• Now, for a limited period, you can get a whopping great 15% off any Casper mattress. 

Also look out for money off the full Caspar mattress range at Amazon.

Casper mattresses, 15% off for a limited period: all you need is the code TOMEFROMME

Casper set the ball rolling on the whole concept of buying a mattress online and having it turn up shrink wrapped and ready to unfurl. Its products have helped revolutionise the way we sleep, as well as the way we shop for mattresses. Somehow, it has made the whole process sexy.

None of the marketing genius would be worth much if the mattress was no good, but the Casper is widely loved. You'll have plenty of time to decide if it's for you, thanks to a 100-night, no-quibble return policy. Shipping is free, too.

Like most of the new breed of mattress, Casper combines various types of foam to give the best possible night's sleep. In this case, it swaddles pressure-relieving memory foam under a springy, breathable top layer for a 'sleep surface that leaves you feeling perfectly supported and practically weightless'.

There's then something it dubs 'transition foam,' followed by a 'zoned foundation layer,' which 'optimizes both comfort and support, while ensuring healthy spinal alignment.'

Whatever the science, Casper's mattress is comfortable, helps maintain an optimum sleeping temperature, and millions of happy sleepers will vouch for it.