Black Friday at Walmart: save $110 on the Fluxx FX3 hoverboard

Change the way you get around forever with this brilliant Black Friday Walmart deal

Fluxx FX3 Walmart Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Fluxx)

Black Friday is here and the wait is over. Deals are now pouring in from Walmart, Best Buy, and many other major American retailers, providing cut-priced discounts on a huge range of consumer electronics. There hasn't been a better time this year to take the plunge.

T3's Black Friday deal hunting team has been scouring the web for the best ongoing deals for whatever you fancy, from smartphones to kitchenware to headphones to desktops to smart home tech. You name it, we've found a few great deals.

One of those deals is the Fluxx FX3 hoverboard, which is currently just $89 at Walmart, the upgrade from the company's entry-level hoverboard. By now, you've probably seen people cruising around on these things and now is your chance to get in on the action.

Fluxx FX3 LED Hoverboard | Was $199 | Sale price $89 | Available now at Walmart

Fluxx FX3 LED Hoverboard | Was $199 | Sale price $89 | Available now at Walmart
Fluxx has carved a name for itself in the hoverboard industry for building cheap, but reliably and well-equipped, devices and the FX3 is no exception, coming with LEDs and a self-balancing mode to help avoid any embarrassing moments.

The joys (maybe even magic) of a hoverboard are simple: you stand on it and tilt the way you wish to go. It's that simple, and with a self-balancing mode there's very little chance you'll fall off either. With 400-watt dual-motors, the FX3 can travel at around 6.5mph at top speed, giving you plenty of oomph to play with.

Oh, and if you're feeling fancy, the FX3 comes with multi-colored LEDs to give the hoverboard whatever vibe you're feeling. 

Max Slater-Robins

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