BIG DATA Vodafone SIM only deal: Get 60GB for just £8.50 in cashback bonanza

One of Vodafone's best-value SIM only deals EVER to stay connected while social distancing

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Now everybody is isolating themselves and those that can are working remotely, staying connected has become more important than ever. In-home data usage in America, for example, has gone up by 38% since the global health crisis began to affect our daily lives, according to telecoms analysts Statista.

It stands to reason if you're looking for a new mobile plan, you want more data than ever before, which is where Vodafone comes in. Through, Vodafone has got a simply stunning offer on right now, with 60GB data, unlimited minutes and texts for just £8.50 per month. That's frankly insane value. Check out the full deal below:

Vodafone SIM only deal | 60GB, unlimited minutes and text | 5G | was £20.00 per month, now £8.50 per month from

Vodafone SIM only deal | 60GB, unlimited minutes and text | 5G | was £20.00 per month, now £8.50 per month from
What a bargain! The key to this great deal is's excellent cashback scheme. Although you'll be initially paying full price for the SIM, you'll save £138 over the course of the year by claiming a portion of your bill back every other month.
This awesome deal also comes with access to Vodafone's amazing 5G network too. If you've got a 5G ready handset, get ready to experience the next generation of mobile data for the price of a couple of beers.

Good, right? If that's not enough for you, you can get an unlimited data deal on the same great cashback scheme for just £16.50 per month by scrolling down on the link above, enough to satisfy even perpetual streamers or make zoom calls with your family and friends all day long. That's a great way to stay connected. 

Why choose a SIM only deal?

If you've already got a handset you're happy with, or want to buy a new phone outright for collectively less money than you would pay on contract, SIM only deals are perfect for you. 

With no handset adding to the price, savvy shoppers can often get massive data deals for peanuts, with unlimited minutes, texts and other great bonuses thrown in too. These are the best-value mobile data deals you can possibly find: you could even pick up one of these as an additional SIM to bolster your data on your current package, often at better value than just upgrading with your current phone provider.

Check out our SIM only comparison tool below to get a flavour of what's on offer, and grab one of our best 5G phones or best cheap phones to make the most of your new data deal.

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