Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2022: find something great for your partner

Finding the perfect Valentine’s gift for your loved one shouldn’t be a chore – make it joyous with T3 helping you grab a gem of a present

best Valentine's Day flowers
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With Valentine’s Day coming up fast, now is the perfect time to grab your partner (or yourself) that special something with plenty of time to plan the best day possible. Don’t get caught out by booking too late, or finding a 10/10 gift only for it to be out of stock. A good gift isn’t just defined by the reaction when it’s received, but manages to make the receiver smile, or thankful, all the way throughout the year.

To try and serve up only the greatest of gifts, we at T3 have dug through the mountain of mediocre that the internet can sometimes offer. What’s been left is pure, concentrated, excellent presents spanning across experiences, tech toys, and the most romantic of getaways. 

2 Night Luxury Mollymook Retreat with Breakfast | Red Balloon

mollymook getaway

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Located on the NSW South Coast, this two night getaway in a veritable mansion is an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Locking yourself and your partner away for a couple of days, surrounded by lush eucalyptus bushland, is one hell of a way to show your affection. On arrival you’ll be plied with chocolate and sparkling wine, while being directed to the heated magnesium mineral infinity pool. There’s designer robes and lush linen for days, all while within easy access of beaches, restaurants, waterways and wineries.

Mollymook too far away? Go to Red Balloon’s website to find more getaways.

Who is the gift perfect for?

This is best suited for those who are happy to entertain themselves. Anyone happy to mosey along and relax while getting back to nature. 

Royal Romance Superbundle | Kobo eReaders

Kobo Nia

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Getting lost in a good book is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately one that seems harder and harder to find nowadays. And while romance novels have had a bad rap since the Mills & Boon days, finding a decent read to tickle the mind, and lay an atmosphere of love down, should not be underestimated. If, instead, you’re of a more practical mindset, then any of Kobo’s excellent range of eReaders makes for a superb gift, regardless of the occasion.

Who is the gift perfect for?

Bookworms and anyone with love for the written word. If you can lose yourself in a textual reverie, this is an ideal gift. 

20 minute Helicopter Flight | Adrenaline

couple stands in front of a blue helicopter

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Getting the blood pumping, while seeing the city you love from a brand new angle is an unforgettable experience. Sharing that feeling with a loved one makes it doubly so. There’s even the option to purchase helicam footage from your flight. Topping it all off, they offer free parking at the event, so you can just rock up, roll out and fly. These helicopter rides are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, so head to Adrenaline’s website to find helicopter flights near you.

Who is the gift perfect for?

Local’s who’ve seen and done it all from the ground, anyone with a love for cityscapes. 

Date night challenge box | Amazon

gift idea night box

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This collection of 35 scratch card adventures is sure to put some pizazz into the proceedings for your evening. Each scratch card you pull from the pack, once scratched off, is a challenge for a date that cannot be reneged on – an easy way to spice up dates in ways that you would never have come up with on your own. Each card includes helpful symbols to help you better understand whether the dates will take place at home, indoors, away or even if you need a babysitter, ensuring good prepared fun for an unforgettable year of dates.

Who is the gift perfect for?

Couples who are tired of dinner and a movie, keen to build an adventure between the two of you. 

Couple/solo bundles | Lovehoney

lovehoney couple bundle

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Lovehoney has an absolute smorgasbord of bundles for couples, for him, for her, or for yourself. For the truly wild, feel free to make your way through their list of 10 best gift ideas for couples, or even just pick one or two from the list. If you’re looking for guaranteed good times you cannot go wrong with a magic wand, or a fleshlight, to keep your partner more than occupied when you’re not at home.

Who is the gift perfect for?

Freaks and geeks. Getting your partner any kind of sex toy is an easy way to show your dedication to getting down and dirty, as well as the research you’ve put into getting your SO the toy best suited for them as an individual.  

Love Cases | Casetify

casetfiy love cases

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Casetify gifts combine cuteness and utility in equal measure. Protecting your smartphone and your heart. The top tier protectors have developed an international reputation for excellence in the world of tech accessories. Initially starting out only as makers of phone protectors, you can now grab gorgeous Casetify protectors for iPhones, Androids, MacBooks, iPads and Apple Watches. The Love range of cases are adorable collections of hearts and lovey-dovey statements. 

Who is the gift perfect for?

Clumsy tech fiends. Show your partner you truly get them, and their love for their tech toys, while keeping everything safe. 

Pet toys | Petbarn

friendly collie, absolute 10/10 woofer on a dog bed

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Far from a traditional Valentine’s gift, getting your furry friend a treat for Valentine’s reminds them they’re just as much a part of the family as ever. It’ll also allow you and your partner to sidestep the need to go out and flash cash to express yourselves. Getting a cat tower or a comfortable dog bed could be the perfect gift for you, your significant other, and your otter... sorry, we mean significant other. 

Who is the gift perfect for?

The animal lovers among us.

Yearly Subscription | Disney Plus

Disney Plus Iron Man Darth Vader Ms Incredible Moana Jeff Goldblum

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If you’re spending all your time on the couch anyways, you could do yourself a sneaky favour, under the guise of love, while still giving a gift that counts. With Disney Plus, you’re unlocking a world of excellent romance films to snuggle up with while watching together. Combine the yearly subscription as a gift with a well-cooked home meal and a bottle of vino and you’ve elevated yourself from gift giver to love deity. 

Who is the gift perfect for?

To be honest, in this day and age, everyone. What feeling is better than social plans being cancelled and the relief and freedom of an evening at home. 

Cook for your partner | HelloFresh meal kits

hello fresh box open on white background

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Supermarkets are dystopian hellscapes. We should be at a place where we can acknowledge that as a society. HelloFresh allows you to cut all of the unnecessary time spent physically and mentally prepping all your meals, while still delivering delicious, exciting recipes right to your door. It even allows you to prepare a romantic home-cooked meal to top off the perfect Valentine’s celebration. 

Who is the gift perfect for?

Anyone that’s always wanted to learn to cook. The meal kits offer recipes that are up there with any ‘learn to cook’ class we’ve seen. 

Enchanted Rose Light | JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-FI rose

(Image credit: JB Hi-Fi)

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a rose. This gorgeous rose light allows you to douse your rooms in a romantic glow. To top it off, you’re even able to profess your love will last for as long as the petals on the rose do. If you’re worried about the potential landfill effects of gifts like this you can rest easy knowing that it’s made with BDP – Break down plastic, an organic additive that helps plastic decompose!

Who is the gift perfect for?

Real life Belle’s, or anyone unafraid to let their love stand in it’s cheesy glory. 

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