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As relatively 'old' handheld consoles the PS Vita is cheap to buy, and if you find one, get it - due to low stock they are a bit of a rarity.  

Two types of PS Vita are available, the PS Vita and the PS Vita Slim. The later was released in 2014 and the PS Vita in 2012. 

The PS Vita struggled to break through, partly because it was too expensive. People also felt it was a bit on the heavy side and the battery life wasn't fantastic. The Vita Slim is dramatically lighter at 219g compared to 260g, so it sits more comfortably in your hand and pocket. 

However, with the ability to stream games from your PS4 and it being, claimed, the most powerful and graphically impressive handheld console, its worth adding the PS Vita to your console collection. 

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ps vita deals

The best PS Vita Slim deals

Released in 2014, the PS Vita model is slimmer and has a longer battery life

At first impressions it looks just like the original PS Vita. Practically identical in size when viewed front on, in fact measure it and its marginally longer and wider. However, when you pick it up it dramatically feels slimmer and lighter, 42g lighter to be accurate, making it more comfortable to play. 

Frustratingly the newer model comes with an LED screen instead of the OLED. Both are the same size and have the same resolution but to look at the LED screen looks dull. LED vs OLED has been a big gaming conversations for a while, but generally speaking when looking at fantasy worlds and not photos OLED provides stronger colours. 

ps vita deals

The best PS Vita deals

It may be bigger and heavier but it does house the better OLED screen

Deciding on whether to get the older original PS Vita over the Vita Light is a question of weight Vs screen colour. These are predominantly the biggest differences, plus price. 

Weighing 260g it is a heavy console. But having the OLED screen provides richer colours and superior contrast over the LCD screen in the Slim model. The battery life isn't fantastic, but being cheaper this is what the difference in money buys. Otherwise it's every bit as powerful and plays all the same games. 

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