Best LG TV deals for May 2024

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best cheap lg tv deals
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T3's best and cheapest LG TV deals guide, curated with the best price drops, discounts and offers, is here to help you find a new LG TV on sale cheap today. LG offers a staggering amount of options when it comes to TVs on sale. From high resolution 8K TVs, OLED displays and even standard 4K UHD sets, LG set tops are among some of the best in the biz when it comes to value per dollar. Even at new in-box pricing, cheaper LG TVs aren't too hard to come by. 

Knowing where to look for LG TV deals is the tough part though, as hundreds of retailers across the net offer some of LG's best TVs on sale regularly throughout the month. Of course, big-name sites like Amazon and Best Buy are easy enough to shop, but it's the sites you don't think to check that have even more offers available. That's what T3's guide to the best cheap LG TV deals of the month is dedicated to.

LG displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on what you're looking for in a new LG TV, everything from ultra-high resolution 8K TVs to 4K TVs under $1000 are up for grabs with discounts and offers at a number of retailers. Instead of having you go site by site to find the right LG TV on sale for you, however, we've done everything we can to bring them all front and center in this convenient guide.

To jump to LG's most popular TVs on sale, use the quick navigation menu at the top to find the deal you're looking for. Each section offers a convenient way to filter through the best LG TV deals going on today, with everything from size options to model selection available for thrifty shoppers.

Best LG TV Deals Today

If a site or retailer is running any special offers, you'll find them right here along with the top three best LG TV deals today. Be sure to check back throughout the month as new sales on LG TVs show up.

LG OLED TV deals

best lg oled tv deals

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LG has quite the offering when it comes to OLED displays, so much that they've essentially transitioned most of their line ups to the superior display tech. From the BX Series to the legendary A1 and C1 Series sets, if an OLED TV cheap is what you're after chances are LG has an option for you. You'll find all of the best deals on LG OLED TVs today below, but check back regularly throughout the month for new deals, discounts and offers!

LG NanoCell TV deals

best lg nanocell tv deals

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LG's exclusive NanoCell TVs are an incredible alternative to OLED and standard LED displays, using proprietary tech to deliver a unique and incredible picture quality for the price. Delivering rich details, a massive range of colors and the ever popular AI ThinQ tech to deliver stunning picture quality, NanoCell TVs are some of the best gaming TVs available at budget-friendly prices. You'll find some of the best LG NanoCell TV deals today below, but be sure to keep an eye out for more offers and discounts through out the month.

LG 8K TV deals


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While the offering for 8K TVs from LG is still a bit slim, there's a handful of models that deserve some attention and spotlight. LG's best 8K TVs feature their proprietary NanoCell display technology to deliver crystal clear images at the highest of resolutions available, but you'll also find that their QNED MiniLED displays alongside their Signature ZX on sale from time to time as well. They don't drop too often, but if you're lucky you'll find a great deal on an 8K TV from time to time below.

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Buying Advice & FAQs

Are LG TVs good quality?

LG TVs offer a great balance of dependability, picture quality and value for their price. While LG isn't the highest-end of the spectrum when it comes to technology, they offer some incredible features that many premium brands only provide in their highest level TV sets.

That isn't to say that LG doesn't have premium 4K and 8K TVS, as you'll find options including their ZX and NANO99 Series TVs running upwards of $3,000 and up. These models offer LG's best tech and picture quality, but from a price perspective aren't quite the best option to go with – especially if you're looking to save a bit of cash.

Thankfully, you'll find LG TVS on sale regularly with discounts of up to 30% or more if you're patient enough. Our guide continuously updates pricing and availability every hour, ensuring all of LG's best TV deals are front and center to shop through. Read on to find a brand new LG TV on sale cheap today.

Editor's Recommendations

LG TVs offer an incredible viewing experience whether you get it on sale or not, but no new TV purchase is complete without a proper setup to get the most out of your new display. Consider getting some much need accessories from our guides below to amp up your viewing experience to the next level.

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