Best TV wall mounts 2024: top TV mounting brackets for all sizes and fits

From flush mount to full motion: the best TV wall mounts 2024 are here

The best TV wall mounts will provide an excellent space-saving solution for some of the best TVs. Whether you want to create your own home cinema or simply want to create more space in your living room, wall mounts are a stylish and secure way to place your TV in your home.

In this guide, we’ve included some of the best TV wall mounts, including full motion wall mounts and flush wall mounts – depending on how you want the finished product to look.

When picking the right one for you, you’ll need to consider the type of TV you have and what will work best – the last thing you want is your expensive OLED smashing to pieces on the floor.

If you’re currently looking to buy a TV, then you may find you get a wall mount included, but if not, make sure you always check compatibility before you buy. We’ve reviewed each product here to let you know which ones are compatible with which make and model, and once you’ve chosen, you might also want to check out our TV wall mounting tips to make securing your TV a breeze.


How to choose a TV wall mount

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Think of the mounting bracket as the bridge between two things: your TV, and your wall. Both are critical factors in selecting the best TV mounting bracket for your particular situation. 

Let's think about the wall. if you're looking to mount your TV to drywall, for example, you'll need a wall plate wide enough to distribute the weight of your TV over a large area, and you'll also need to find your studs to make sure you're placing that bracket in a suitable position. In brick, you'll have a little more flexibility, but you'll still need something secure enough to not bend or sag when the TV is dangling off the other end.

Realistically, today's TVs are rarely outrageously heavy, but if you have a particularly weighty screen you'll absolutely want to factor that into your mount selection. The real consideration will be your TV's mounting points. Thankfully these follow a uniform standard, known as VESA, which ensures that the same four-point brackets will fit all TVs which conform to that VESA size. 

But not all brackets include the hardware to connect to every VESA size, which is issue number one, and issue number two is port access. If your TV runs its main source connectors along the bottom, you may find that some VESA brackets make accessing these next to impossible. Most new TVs have their ports on the side for this reason, but check first with older TVs.

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