Best Buy's 4th of July sale has a 65 inch 4K TV on sale for only $470. Should I buy it?

A 65" 4K TV for under $500 is hard to pass up, but is it worth it?

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So I'm one of those sticklers who holds onto my money for as long as I can, hoping someday the right deal comes along to make my pull the trigger and grab a new 4K TV on sale. I guess that's a good thing, seeing as I am a bargain hunting expert who regularly writes about ways to save money and how to find the best deals.

But up until now, even I have had trouble taking the plunge on getting myself a brand new 4K TV. There's been some great deals on TVs throughout the year, but the Best Buy 4th of July sale just may have me clicking the buy button and joining the ranks of the UHD crowd.

Check out the Hisense A6 Series 65" LED 4K TV on sale for $469.99 

You see, I haven't purchased a new TV in over 10 years. No you aren't reading that wrong, I've been using an old LG 1080p display that to be honest is still going strong. I haven't really felt the need to upgrade yet, but the thought has been slowly creeping in thanks to some of the cheap 4th of July TV deals popping up right now.

Even more so since Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. But while Amazon's big sale will have some solid 4K TV deals to browse through, it's Best Buy that may get my money this time around. (They got it last time over 10 years ago, so they must be doing something right.)

This Hisense A6 Series 65" LED 4K Smart TV just got a massive $330 price drop, putting it on sale for only $469.99 ahead of Prime Day and 4th of July, which is making me lean towards picking it up. For the price, the value is unbeatable and while it may be LED the few Hisense 4K TVs I have actually seen in store have looked damn good for the standard price tag.

I also swore to myself that if I were to get a new 4K TV on sale, I wouldn't spend more than $600 for one. This one clocks in at $130 less than that, which means I'm coming in well under budget with a cheap 4K TV that has some solid features for the price.

And while I could go even cheaper and drop down to the 55" inch version which is on sale for only $319.99, it looks like Best Buy only has that available in select stores. Not a deal breaker, but at this point I'd rather have the thing shipped over heading into a store to grab one.

If you're one of those people like me whos holding out for the right TV deal, than I think we could agree that this is a pretty solid option to go with. Sure, it's not the latest QLED technology but unless we get super lucky it'll be tough to get tech from the best TVs at anything less than $800 for some time.

For what it's worth, however, I think there's a lot of people out there with an even tighter budget than me doing the same right now. So maybe I will go ahead and take advantage of this Best Buy cheap 4th of July 4K TV deal before it's too late.

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